Wilson County Community Help Center


What We Do:

Father and son free shopping under our clothing assistance program

  • Six days a week we provide emergency assistance in the form of food, clothing, resource education and financial aid to Wilson County residents.
  • The Help Center distributed over 30,000 pounds of food to feed the hungry in our county last year alone.
  • Our clothing program has provided more than 1,000 coats each year to warm the needy.
  • Free medical equipment is available.
  • We collect, sort, recycle and sell clothing and household items of any type donated by the community.
  • The Help Center staff educates people on ways to utilize assistance programs that are available in Wilson County.
  • The Wilson County Community Help Center will come in contact with more residents each week than any other agency in this county.


  • Rising local need has placed huge strains on the Help Center assistance funds.
  • Decreased funding has resulted in laid off staff at the Help Center.
  • Some help programs have been diminished and some may have to be eliminated.

How You Can Help:

My little hands can help. Can yours?

  • Make monetary donations, large or small, one time or every month.
  • Donate your gently used items to be given away or sold to help finance the assistance programs.
  • Donate your time at the Wilson County Help Center
  • Involve your friends, family and church and help us educate the community as to the tremendous amount of good work and good will the Help Center provides our citizens.









Wilson County Community

Help Center

203 West High St.

Lebanon, TN 37087

(615) 449-1856

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Thrift Store Hours

Mon - Sat 9:00 to 5:00

Donation Hours

Mon - Fri 7:00 to 5:00

Sat 9:00 to 5:00

Assistance Counter Hours

Mon - Fri 9:00 to 3:00

  • Our friends at College Hills are all about 'Back to School' this coming August 1st. If you are finding school costs challenging this year and have never joined them for 'School Store' you owe it to yourself to find a good partner in your corner at this event. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • We have a full time position open for 'Operations Manager' and are looking for applicants that would be able to manage the store, the staff and volunteers as well as keep our financial records in excellent shape. A strong working knowledge of QuickBooks is required. If you or someone you know would be interested in this opportunity please bring in your resume and ask for an application. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Would anyone happen to have a price tag gun (or two) that they no longer use? Trying to stretch our dollars and see if maybe someone would like to donate this to replace our worn out ones. On another note we need king size sheets. If you happen to have a set or two, we are having to turn down clients that need this item! - Thanks in advance if you can help! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Please keep Liz Reese, our dear friend from Brook's House, in yours prayers. We love this lady and what she does for our community. Please share this post and let's get some prayer chains and prayer power going to lift her up! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Some days are better than others! I love good news and this one blessed me big time. We had a couple that came in to shop and as they were browsing she came upon our wedding dress donations. She happened to be a seamstress and noticed a dress that she had made for her daughter and had lost years ago in a storage building that was claimed and emptied due to a payment issue. Somehow that dress ended up here and the maker and dress were reunited today and you couldn't have a found a more joyful person. As this sweet lady and her husband told us their story we felt compelled to return this creation to her at no cost. I'm not sure why I'm telling this except to encourage us all to fight the good fight, always believe that things will get better and to know we have a God that loves us and looks after us right down to the smallest of details. I asked her how she knew that the dress was her work. Without hesitation she said: 'A seamstress never forgets her work!" We have a Father who never forgets His children if we will but trust Him in the peaks as well as the valleys and know He has our back! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • I have a story for you this morning. It involves a blue/gray older model truck and a middle aged taller man that was driving it yesterday with this stack of horribly deteriorated mattresses in the bed. He arrived after hours and was unloading these as a donation against the outside of the building and even told me that some were bad and he was taking those to the dump. I asked him what would happen if it rained. He hadn't thought of that. I offered to help him unload with the intention of pulling them inside to protect them from theft and the weather since I was still at work. As we unloaded the first it was obviously wet and so badly stained that I had to stop our progress and refuse the donation. I helped him reload and he left. This morning his entire collection was waiting for us here at WCCHC. Evidently we are the dump that he referred to last night. I don't share this to whine but rather to make an example of someone that considers WCCHC as his personal trash can with no intentions of helping others. This is unacceptable and should anyone be able to assist with the identity of this individual I would appreciate your call. I think what makes this such a special case is that the donation was already rejected and he snuck back anyway and left it when he couldn't be stopped. WCCHC doesn't need this kind of help and by the way, it rained last night. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Well Wilson County you keep making it happen! Here is our half time report! 504 families making up 1,066 individuals have been provided with 15,923 meals. 1,234 families or 2,750 people have been provided with 19,007 articles of free clothing. 23K in financial help has been provided to 251 homes to keep the lights on! 68 individuals now have a mattress and box spring to dream away on. 111 cases of Ensure have been given away. 24 people received their medical prescriptions. 29 didn't miss that doctors appointment through our fuel assistance. Two quarters down and two to go! In addition to this we have helped fire victims, networked with other agencies, given away free bread and canned goods as well as helped with many miscellaneous requests. Thank you sincerely for what you enable us to accomplish through your generous community spirit! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Thank you to Mayor Craighead and the leaders who have brought us the 'Whip Crackin' Rodeo' that does so much for places like WCCHC. I had the honor of meeting the Mayor and Tommy Bates at Bates Ford for a Kodak moment yesterday to receive a financial donation from this effort. If it wasn't for the vision of those who created this event and for those who paid to attend, we would be a great deal less blessed. We'll put these funds to good use giving that 'hand up' to those in our great Wilson County that need it most! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Happy Fourth of July to our Facebook Family! We will be closed on Saturday, July 4rth in observance of Independence Day.

  • Thank you to City Limit Café staff & customers for their food drive that brought in 120 pounds of food for WCCHC! I was more than willing to pick this up today so I had an excuse for some good cooking for lunch! Thanks City Limit Café! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Will you be open Saturday?

  • A big shout out to Rock-Tenn Company for their June food drive that brought us this huge basket filled with 300 pounds of food for the pantry. They were here bright and early this morning to deliver collected canned goods and dry goods to make a difference in feeding Wilson County! Thank you! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Thank you to our long lost friends at Performance Food Service - Lester for your recent donation of 248 pounds of food. So good to have you drop in for a visit and the food will go to good use! We appreciate it so much. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • While in a meeting I was asked about regular volunteers. I responded that we have around a dozen that we see here on a dedicated weekly basis. As I talked about them I realized that most of them help in the clothing area and one or two help out with receiving. We have zero dedicated volunteers in the thrift area and there must be a few people out there that would enjoy helping in this category on a weekly basis. Keep us in mind if you are needing a little extra involvement and we will put you work! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • We are currently in need of towels and wash cloths. This area of donation is always a challenge for us and we provide these items to those who need them at no cost. Please be sure to tell your friends and neighbors about this shortage. We all have a few that we really don't need! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • We are currently in need of towels and wash cloths. This area of donation is always a challenge for us and we provide these items to those who need them at no cost. Please be sure to tell your friends and neighbors about this shortage. We all have a few that we really don't need! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Thank you to Sammy-B's for their recent event that created $176.00 in funding for WCCHC. Thanks so much to Mark & Gina for making this happen. Good food and good people at Sammy-B's! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Do you know someone who is having a Christmas wedding, a golden wedding anniversary or is responsible for decorating their place of business for the holidays? We have giant beach ball sized gold bulbs that have come in and there are at least two dozen of these stunning ornaments to enhance any celebration. Come and get them before they get gone! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • SHARE THIS POST AND WE WILL DONATE $5 TO THE Wilson County Community Help Center ON YOUR BEHALF AND ENTER YOU INTO OUR WATKINS RAFFLE THAT WE WILL BE DRAWING A WINNER FOR TODAY AT 5PM!!! Today's 10 year anniversary special is 10% off all canvas prints!! Today only and be sure to mention this to get your discount!!!

  • The temps are climbing and we are beginning to hear from people in situations where the A/C is out. If you have window units that are in good working order please donate them here. We see very few A/C window units and when we do we try to get them in the hands of those who need them as a free service. Thanks as always for your help. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • I just heard from Bob Fossler's daughter Amy. Bob is through surgery, the doctor's report is that it went well and by this time his family should be with him in recovery. We ask for your continued prayers for Bob and his wonderful wife Pat that this part of the journey will be successful as they get through rehab. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • We are blessed to have some great restaurants that are supporting us this month! Drop in at City Limits Café and help them with their food drive targeted to help WCCHC. Also mark your calendar for June 18th and help support us again at Sammy-B's! All beverage and food orders will create a 10% donation to WCCHC through their 'Top Shelf' venue from 6pm to 8pm. This is open to the public so tell your friends and bring one along! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • I would be remiss if I didn't mention our special guest today! Not only is it half price Saturday but the Iris Society is here selling rhizomes, and perennials galore. Come join us on this beautiful day and green up your personal space as well as finding some treasures inside and supporting our efforts here at WCCHC. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Well he's probably going to fuss at me but please be praying for Bob Fossler, our receiving pro. He will be going under the knife on June 10th for a knee replacement and his last day for a while will be Friday June 5th. We expect him back after a full recovery with his jovial good spirit and ready willingness to help. Filling some very big shoes until this 85 year old youngster can be back with us will be a young man that, well, is a younger version of me! My son Lane will be filling in for Bob. Please be sure to welcome him. Looking forward to having some time with my son and already looking forward to Bob getting back! We can barely keep up with Bob now. Look out world when his recovery is complete! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • We are also having weekly raffles during our anniversary month. This week is a Country Fixins basket, that includes corn bread mix, sweet potato butter, chow-chow & Watkins vanilla extract. Tickets for the raffle are $1.00 or 6 for $5.00. Proceeds from the raffle will go to the Wilson County Community Help Center. The winner will be drawn on Saturday at 5pm and will be notified by phone.