Wilson County Community Help Center


What We Do:

Father and son free shopping under our clothing assistance program

  • Six days a week we provide emergency assistance in the form of food, clothing, resource education and financial aid to Wilson County residents.
  • The Help Center distributed over 30,000 pounds of food to feed the hungry in our county last year alone.
  • Our clothing program has provided more than 1,000 coats each year to warm the needy.
  • Free medical equipment is available.
  • We collect, sort, recycle and sell clothing and household items of any type donated by the community.
  • The Help Center staff educates people on ways to utilize assistance programs that are available in Wilson County.
  • The Wilson County Community Help Center will come in contact with more residents each week than any other agency in this county.


  • Rising local need has placed huge strains on the Help Center assistance funds.
  • Decreased funding has resulted in laid off staff at the Help Center.
  • Some help programs have been diminished and some may have to be eliminated.

How You Can Help:

My little hands can help. Can yours?

  • Make monetary donations, large or small, one time or every month.
  • Donate your gently used items to be given away or sold to help finance the assistance programs.
  • Donate your time at the Wilson County Help Center
  • Involve your friends, family and church and help us educate the community as to the tremendous amount of good work and good will the Help Center provides our citizens.









Wilson County Community

Help Center

203 West High St.

Lebanon, TN 37087

(615) 449-1856

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Thrift Store Hours

Mon - Sat 9:00 to 5:00

Donation Hours

Mon - Fri 7:00 to 5:00

Sat 9:00 to 5:00

Assistance Counter Hours

Mon - Fri 9:00 to 3:00

  • UPDATE ALERT! Once again (and for the last time) we are changing the location of our Mobile Food Pantry scheduled for April 25th. Due to unexpected circumstances we will now be providing food boxes beginning at 9:00 am at the Lebanon Senior Citizen Center in Lebanon, Tennessee. They are located at 670 Coles Ferry Pike. Please share this with anyone that you have informed of this event or that you know that has reserved a spot. Sorry for the confusion and we hope to see you on the 25th to pick up your reserved food box! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • I've overlooked a thank you that needs to be made. Thank you Global Vision Bible Church for your food donation as well as your diaper donation. Both of these will help us meet needs here at WCCHC! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • ALERT & SHARE! Our Mobile Food Pantry scheduled for April 25th has a change of location. Lebanon Cumberland Presbyterian Church will now be the host location at 522 Castle Heights Avenue in Lebanon, Tennessee with pick up time beginning at 9:00 am. A Wedding conflict at College Hills Church will prohibit them from being able to commit to that date. We are still hoping for this to be a drive-thru style pick up. Keep a watchful eye here on Facebook for updates. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • If this doesn't make you smile and think spring I don't know what will. This is the kids bright and colorful shoe section waiting for opening day of our Spring/Summer clothes. If you need clothes and can't afford them come apply to shop for free. If you are a bargain hunter come shop! It all begins Monday March 23rd at 9:00 am! Please be sure to share this post. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • ALERT & SHARE! Our Mobile Food Pantry scheduled for April 25th has a change of location. Lebanon Cumberland Presbyterian Church will now be the host location at 522 Castle Heights Avenue in Lebanon, Tennessee with pick up time beginning at 9:00 am. A Wedding conflict at College Hills Church will prohibit them from being able to commit to that date. We are still hoping for this to be a drive-thru style pick up. Keep a watchful eye here on Facebook for updates. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Here's a couple pictures of interest. One is a hand carved wooden punch bowl, ladle, goblets and turntable pedestal that we are featuring as our silent auction item. It's worth coming to see. Bids will close on Saturday March 21st at noon. If you have a special someone that likes to hunt the other pic is a large collection of duck decoys and geese suitable for decor or well hunting! Come see us. Your shopping purchases create funds that we need to continue to meet increased needs. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • As we enter into this week we are looking at some deficits in the pantry that I hope you can help us with. We are short on meat based canned goods like ravioli, canned hams, canned chicken as well as spaghetti & meatballs. We have plenty of tuna but don't feel like any food box recipient should have to eat tuna every meal! We also need bread, bread and more bread! Our supplier for this free donation has changed and we are not getting the same supply that our food box traffic needs to keep up. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to assist us in these urgent needs as we give that hand up to those who need it. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Good morning WCCHC Family! It's a beautiful day and a wonderful day (as always) to be about the Father's business. When I began working WCCHC we had about 200+ members here on our Facebook page. Today we have 909. I'm anxious to see that 1,000 number! The more people that follow and the more people that shop the store, the more we are able to channel funds back into the community and make a broader sweep against the setbacks we can change for the better for those that need a hand up! Share this post or at least tell as many friends as you can our story and lets see if we can hit that number. Who knows, you may even provide life changing information with someone who needs to know we can help and not even know that you have. Have a blessed day! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Thank you to Bethlehem United Methodist Church for your food donation. Thank you to Forkum Ministry for another 285 pounds of cookies. The recipients are really enjoying them! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Come in for some great deals at half price on Fall/Winter clothing! Spring/Summer clothing begins March 23rd!

  • We have no idea what this is! Any guesses Facebook family?

  • I'm sitting here in the College Hills Church parking lot catching vehicles to inform them of our mobile food pantry cancellation and reschedule. PLEASE NOTE that March 21st was not a good date for Second Harvest so we are now rescheduled for April 25th. If you signed up your name will remain on our list of recipients. If you need to add your name please call WCCHC at 615-449-1856 to reserve a spot. Time and location are not set in stone so please check here for updates. We are hopeful that we can still host here with our sisters and brothers at College Hills Church and keep the same timeframe. Should you need anything before that date we'll do our best to assist. Just stop in or give us a call at WCCHC. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Please share this notice with anyone that you have contacted regarding our Mobile Food Pantry that was to happen tomorrow March 7th beginning at 9:00 am. Due to the weather this distribution is being rescheduled for March 21st with the same location but time still pending. Please watch our Facebook page for further alerts and schedule information. We are sorry for this short notice and cancellation but due to this being an outside event we want to be sure we are not putting anyone at risk in the cold morning temperatures tomorrow morning. We will look forward to seeing you on the 21st and more details will follow here on our page as they develop. Should you have a need for food now you know you can always give us a call or come in. Thanks for your understanding. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Due to the poor weather WCCHC will be closed today Thursday March 5th. We will resume services on Friday March 6th unless conditions worsen. Stay safe and warm! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Thank you to the following for keeping our food pantry well taken care of. Thank you to Forkum Ministries for 245 boxes of cookies weighing in at 173 pounds. That is a bunch of cookies! Thanks to Cumberland University (Athletes, Students, Faculty and Fans) for the Beans & Saltines campaign at last weeks basketball game that brought in 70 pounds! We are blessed to bless others! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • The Mobile Food Pantry that we are doing with our location host College Hills Church on March 7th is drawing nearer! Do you need a great volunteer opportunity to bless your community? We need a few more volunteers to make this event a great success and get this food to those who need it. Please call me for details if you would be willing to serve. This will involve a time frame from 8:00 am to about noon. I can be reached at 615 449 1856 at WCCHC! Hope you can join us! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • When are yall bringing out spring and summer clothes next month?

  • Please share this post with anyone that you know who needs to be aware. In cooperation with Second Harvest Food Bank we are hosting a Mobile Food Bank that we are distributing on March 7th. This is not a first come first serve event. Names will be taken in advance as reservations and we will begin distributing food boxes beginning at 9:00 am and commencing around noon. College Hills Church of Christ has graciously agreed to partner with us on this event and be the host location for pick-up, Please call WCCHC at 615-449-1856 to put your name on the reserve list to receive this food box distribution consisting of both canned goods and perishable produce. We hope to see you there! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • I can see the parking lot and green space around WCCHC again! Looks like the beginnings of a beautiful late winter week. Thank you to Boy Scouts of America (Troop 246) for your 148 pound food drive! Thank you to the Frisbee Golf Tournament that brought in 262 pounds of food for the pantry. Thank you to Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church for making us the recipient of your 'Soup'er Bowl event! You really keep us going in the most miraculous ways. Seems like you know just what we need and when we need it! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • After talking with the WCCHC staff & officers we will remain closed a second day on this Tuesday the 17th of February and encourage you to stay home and keep safe and warm. Today will most likely be a turning point in conditions and we will set our hopes towards business as usual on Wednesday the 18th of February 2015! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • Due to the declining weather conditions WCCHC will remain closed today on this 16th day of February 2015. Prayers to you and yours for the blessing of warmth and safety. - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • We were honored to have the current Leadership Wilson Class as our special guests today! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • I want to thank you for continuing to make our WCCHC story better and better. 2015 has been unbelievable so far. As Wilson County grows the needs grow with it. By shopping the store, as you so faithfully do, this is what you have done for us! We are able to increase our assistance to Wilson County residents needing utility help by 50% per month! In the lean years prior to 2013 this would not have been possible. As we are more successful as a store the more we can help! Keep telling those two friends and share our story! Thank you so much! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director

  • On behalf of myself and the other awesome admins of Help Wilson County we are honored to be partnering with yall and next step! Wat an amazing opportunity to give back to this wonderful community and to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus! 💖 thank you for having us! God bless you all!

  • We have so much to be thankful for as 2015 marches on! Each of these partners deserves their own shout out. Here we go! Thank you to AnyCare 24 for their recent financial donation. Thank you to Bethlehem United Methodist Church for 67 pounds of food. Thank you to Sam Houston School for 216 pounds of food. Thank you to Joseph's Store House for 47 pounds of food. Thank you to the dear ladies at Help Wilson County for the recent towel drive and delivery to WCCHC! Each of you bless us in different ways and together we are making a dent where it counts! - Ben Spicer / Executive Director